Staging and Design of Private Condo in Phoenix Building in Buckhead

Private residence (Smyrna)

Private residence (Marietta)

Interior Design Concepts Marina Bonder on NBC

Interior Design by Marina Bonder Atlanta’s leading conceptual designer. Creating a Lifestyle Change in Your Home. Combining Elegance & Functuality.

MB Design and Build’s lead designer Marina Bonder has a deep passion for design, interior design. She believes it’s not just about decorating & interior designing, its about creating a lifestyle in your home. Earlier this year, Bonder was featured on NBC to tour her midtown home & explain her design concepts.


Making an architectural statement Featured on WXIA-TV In Atlanta

ATLANTA (WXIA) — Written by Melissa Long

Over the last month our Open House series has taken you back to the Roaring 20s, to the French countryside and into a North Georgia home built for fun.

Tonight, we’re touring a contemporary house where it’s all about sleek, clean lines and making an architectural statement.

Marina Bonder is both the homeowner and interior designer and builder of this contemporary home in Midtown’s Sherwood Forest.

“I do think your house has to be exciting,” Bonder said.

The main feature is the living space of this house and its 25-foot wall of windows.

“I think this house is more like a lifestyle rather than a home,” Bonder said.

That lifestyle has been captured by advertisers, like Shaw Carpets. Shaw used the elaborate windows for a national ad campaign. Delos rugs used its contemporary corners to show off products in a catalog.

Bonder is also a wedding designer and is all about atmosphere. She designed the kitchen for functionality and placed the major appliances together on the side of the kitchen.

“That way, when you cook and entertain, whatever you need to do, is not in front of the guests,” she said.

“I believe people underestimate the spaces that they live in and how much they influence their life in general,” Bonder said. “It influences their career, their mood, their life and sometimes personal life.”

Seven years ago, she purchased the property and plowed down the existing home to create her architectural vision.

She kept the existing pool and transformed the property for this nearly 5,400 square foot home.

The master bedroom faces the backyard and it also has a gigantic wall of windows.

“So we could see the trees and the birds,” she said.

On the market for $1.7 million, contemporary isn’t for everyone but is becoming more and more popular.

Wedding facility designed and built by MB design

Penthouse “Museam Tower”

Private residence Swanee

Private residence

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Penthouse Condo

Night Club, Atlanta

Private residence by MBdesign (Delos rugs photoshoot)


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